Together, lets do more

We are working together with our partners, our volunteer network and local establishments, to identify and support children and youth in vulnerable situations with the tools they need to thrive and effect meaningful change.

MIF Programs

We run various programs across our networks to ensure that most of the vulnerable children have their basic needs taken care of, and remain in school.

Nasaha Mental Health Program

Addressing and preventing the mental health problems among our children and adolescent youth.

Stawi Youth Empowerment

Advancing the economic capability of vulnerable youth through financial literacy, mentorship, and job readiness toolkits.

Education Initiative

Education is a powerful tool in developing the full potential of everyone and is a key element in achieving sustainable development.

Ngao Advocacy Initiative

Championing the rights of vulnerable children and youth in society by facilitating their access to justice.

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Working together, we have impacted the lives of more than 200 children for the better. Be part of the solution by supporting MIF transform the lives of more children!

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Join the Volunteer team and help us with running the programs to ensure that the vulnerable children and youth are taken care of.