Donate and change lives

Your whole gift will fund the basic needs of vulnerable families and their children, fund the children’s education, and programs that allow them to be in a good mental state to succeed.

How we Work

How your money is used

Working with our volunteer networks, partners and the local establishments, we identify and try to support families, schools and communities in impoverished areas with basic needs, and sponsoring their children in education.

We also engage with the youth of these communities by teaching them about the available opportunities, guiding and enabling them to actualize their vision.

Ways of Giving

You can give in more than one way

We run various programs across our networks to ensure that most of the vulnerable children have their basic needs taken care of, and remain in school.

In Kind Donations

Make a donation for food items, clothes, books, amenities and other physical goods addressed to our offices or a collection centers near you.

Sponsor a Program

Support one of our current initiatives or sponsor a program/project from the ground up, to help ensure a better future for disadvantaged children.


Volunteer to be part of the MIF Smile team helping us with the various programs to ensure that the vulnerable children and youth are taken care of.

Partner With Us

Register your organization as a collaborating brand partner to provide life-changing experiences for our children and their families.