Help create a meaningful future for all vulnerable children.

Be part of the mission to deliver an exciting future for the vulnerable children in Kenya, by helping take care of their mental wellness, basic & educational needs.


For our Children

Giving our children and youth the right tools

For our children, being in the right mental space and approaching life with the right knowledge, is the key to unlocking a successful future for them. Yet this is not the case as, poverty and hunger means that almost 8 million children & youth are thinking: ‘when will the next meal come? Will I eat tomorrow? Will I survive the year?’. This is a bleak mental space to be in, only thinking about survival. The result is that many of them end up in petty crime, living on the streets, suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and partaking drugs.

At Maranatha International Foundation (MIF), we are working to change this. We are a non-profit organization taking care of the mental wellness, children protection, basic & educational needs of vulnerable children and youth in Kenya.

transform a life

There is a way to make the future better for them

For all our advancement as a country, there still exists a barrier for millions of children to have peace of mind and to focus on their growth: at this stage. That is access to basic needs.

MIF works to bridge the gap for vulnerable children & youth living in poverty. Today, we are taking care or of 200 children, who are on their way to build a better future, a better Kenya. And in future, we hope to impact even more, to ensure that none of our children are ever left behind.

Group of happy African children living in an orphanage in Kenya, East Africa

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Your involvement is important for the future of all our children

Working together, we have impacted the lives of more than 200 children for the better. Be part of the solution by supporting MIF transform the lives of more children!

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Join the Volunteer team and help us with running the programs to ensure that the vulnerable children and youth are taken care of.