About Maranatha International Foundation

MIF’s mandate is to give children an opportunity to be empowered through schooling, mental wellbeing and providing basic needs.
Our Story

Taking Care of the Vulnerable Children & Youth

Maranatha International Foundation was founded on the belief that any child in the right mental space approaching life with the right knowledge can unlock the future in better ways than we can imagine. By taking care of at risk children and youth, our aim is to avail equal opportunities for them by reinforcing their belief and mentality to achieve more in life irrespective of their background.

A child should be a free spirit, imagining and dreaming of a limitless future. In a state, they are able to learn, develop interests and skills – to guide a path to a prosperous future together with their peers. To train a child to grow with the right mentality about life and the community around is the greatest gift you can ever bestow. And isn’t this what we are called on to do?

For our CHildren

We are here to serve

A mountain can be moved! Carrying a stone/rock or a truck full of dirt from in on a daily basis is the task at hand. Eventually, you look back at where the mountain was and it will be no more. The obstacle of poverty, hunger, poor mental health and lack of education, is the mountain we are moving, in order to provide a clear path for all our children to have a better future. We have an incredible and committed team leading this charge.

Keega Gakuua

CEO & Secretary

Dr. Catherine Gachutha

Board Member

Gilbert Gachutha

Head of Strategy

Nigel Tsisiche

Creative Director

Vision & Mission

On a path to realize our mission and vision

With ongoing programs and projects, we continue to impact the lives of our children and youth – one at a time. Presently, we have the following programs running under the guidance of our patrons, our constitution and our committed staff and volunteer network to help achieve our goal.

Our Mission

To create better outcomes for vulnerable children and youth through evidence-based interventions that prioritize mental wellness and facilitate self-sufficiency and self-efficacy.

Our Vision

We want to see a world where young people are able to direct their affairs and meaningfully contribute to shaping their communities, nations, and the world at large.





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Working together, we have impacted the lives of more than 200 children for the better. Be part of the solution by supporting MIF transform the lives of more children!


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