Youth Empowerment

We pioneer capacity building and funding programs to help actualize the business ideas of the youth as well as women in the rural areas and town outskirts.

Combating Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment is defined as a situation in which a young person, that is, someone between the ages of 15 and 24,who is without work but available for and seeking employment. Africa has the youngest population in the world with a median age of 19.7 years and a population of 200 million that will at least double in the next thirty years. Only a third of this demography is employed, while another third are vulnerably employed

Youth unemployment has far-reaching consequences, hurting both the nation’s social and economic growth as well as the individual’s well-being by preventing them from accessing both vital and non-essential goods, services, and activities. This has a direct impact on their physical and emotional health. As a result, unemployment is a pressing, complex, and systemic issue, especially given the lack of a clear path from school through college to a first job. We believe that young people have untapped potential that is not being fully explored and utilized by the labor force and the current employment system in order to achieve social and economic development, innovation, and long-term social change.


About the Program

MIF’s Stawi Inititative

MIF has created the Stawi Initiative to empower young people with market-relevant information and skills, allowing them to either enter the job market and be gainfully employed, or to start a business that would support them and empower their communities. The initiative works to:

Equip youth with market relevant skills through career/job readiness programs.

Deployment of these job readiness programs into the work force alongside our various partners.

Funding the youth to undertake tertiary education. We currently have a partnership with KIBCo that offers these courses.

Providing training on entrepreneurship.

Providing seed funding to facilitate the youth to start their own businesses or grow their existing ones.

Financial literacy that is aimed at ensuring financial inclusion of youth.

Providing mentorship for vulnerable youth and children.

The Impact

Stories from the Field

We run various programs across our networks to ensure that most of the vulnerable children have their basic needs taken care of, and remain in school.


Running towards home – Njeri

I am not made of stone, rather, I am a willing mind, ready to listen and think before I act.
Headshot of a young fashion model.

Excited for the future – Maendeleo Group

Everything in life requires that hard perserverence, and after the storm, the sun shines with warmth.
African Parents helping children with homework

Happy to be home – Salisu

I am going to the place I call home, and this place is more beautiful everyday

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