Education Initiative

Support the growth of our children in education through scholarships, mentorship and internship programs with the goal of equipping them with the right knowledge.

Education to unlock a bright future

Education is essential in ensuring social mobility, economic stability as well as civic engagement. Considering this reality, Maranatha International Foundation seeks to ensure that children and youth have access to inclusive and equitable quality education in addition to promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. MIF aims to improve and enhance the learning experiences for children and youth. Our goal is to fill existing gaps in learners’ learning journeys such as lack of access to books, stationery, toiletries, and uniforms.


MIF Support Education Through:

Donate a Book Africa

This program works to improve literacy and comprehension in children by improving their access to quality reading material and offering technical support to children with reading difficulties. We seek to do this by building virtual and physical community libraries and  facilitating after school reading programs.

Stay in School Program

The program aims at providing the tools learners need and financially support them to be able to complete their studies from start to finish.

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Tafiti Initaitive

This program seeks to undertake both qualitative and quantitative research to enrich existing and future policies and laws that affect children and youth.

The Impact

Stories from the Field

We run various programs across our networks to ensure that most of the vulnerable children have their basic needs taken care of, and remain in school.


Running towards home – Njeri

I am not made of stone, rather, I am a willing mind, ready to listen and think before I act.
Headshot of a young fashion model.

Excited for the future – Maendeleo Group

Everything in life requires that hard perserverence, and after the storm, the sun shines with warmth.
African Parents helping children with homework

Happy to be home – Salisu

I am going to the place I call home, and this place is more beautiful everyday

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