Get Involved and change lives for the better

We believe that synergy and partnerships are vital to making the greatest impact. This may be through financial contributions, donations and volunteer opportunities.


Your Donation Is Hope For Them

You can start right now with the smallest step to ensure a brighter future for vulnerable children and youth. Every sacrificial gifting goes a long way in creating an impact.


Volunteer to work with MIF

You can volunteer to be part of the MIF Smile Volunteer team helping us with the various programs to ensure that the vulnerable children and youth are taken care of.

Get your Organization Involved

We work with organization partners to Fund entire Programs from the ground up, running existing programs as sponsoring partners, and other collaborative enterprises to help all children have a brighter future.

Partner with Us

Register your organization as a collaborating brand partner for fundraising campaigns, co-branded programs to provide life-changing experiences for our children and their families.

Sponsor a Program

Support one of our current initiatives or sponsor a program/project from the ground up, to help ensure a better future for disadvantaged children.

Knowing is the beginning

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