Nasaha Mental Health Program

Addressing and preventing the mental health problems among our children and adolescent youth to ensure they grow with the right social and emotional habits.

Uncovering The Mental Health Dilemma

Social exclusion, discrimination, educational challenges, stigma, risk-taking behaviors, physical ill-health, and human rights violations are among risks that children and teens with mental disorders face.

This situation has become serious due to a lack of mental health knowledge, high levels of stigma, and a lack of ability by the community to address mental health issues.

Mental illnesses are the leading cause of death among children and adolescent youth. According to research, 75% of mental problems begin before the age of 25, with the majority of them going undiagnosed and untreated in Africa. As a result, the time between childhood and adolescence is critical for the development of social and emotional habits that are essential for mental health.

MIF’s Nasaha Mental Health Initative

It is in response to this current state of affairs that MIF has designed the Nasaha Mental Health Initiative to address this crisis by;

Providing mental health education and training to the public through evidence-based interventions.

Enhancing the capacity of the wide range of stakeholders to identify, diagnose and effectively facilitate the treatment of mental health disorders.

Offering counseling services to front-line workers, teachers and community health workers. This is aimed at providing these people groups with psycho-social support to facilitate their own mental health as they help those in their charge.

Providing training to educators and student leaders in schools and institutions of higher learning to better equip them to assess, identify, handle and in severe cases, escalate to trained psychologists and psychiatrists, mental health issues affecting the young people in their charge.

Combating misinformation and stigma associated with mental health through sensitization campaigns.

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