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Learning new things – Adekelu

Access to education changes everything! Not just for the young child who has just discovered the fun of learning, but also for the elder, who prices the experience of having to learn something new.

Adekulu wants to become a social worker when she grows up. This has not always been her dream – she initially wanted to be lawyer, but all this changed when she was unable to go to school 5KM from home on account of an injured leg and also her parents were not able to pay for the medical expenses she required to treat her leg.

When away from School.

She begun working with her mother at home, accompanying her to the various vibaruas which her and her father were doing to try and raise the capital to make treatment for their daughter. On the second week as the was going with her mother to the shamba, she started crying on seeing some children heading to school. Her mother was heartbroken, but had no way of helping her daughter.


Meeting with the Social Worker

Her mother, accompanied by her father headed to the school the following week to see if the institution could help her with treatment so she can go back to school. The headmaster referred them to one of our social workers who frequented the school every two weeks to add books to their library. They talked and he organized for a visit to her home, spoke to her and made arrangements so she could get the treatment she required to be well.

Adekelu is now running about and attending a school. MIF organized together with a private school that uses the route to also collect the children who lived on the outskirts and drop them off a few meters away from their school in the morning as well as the evening. Adekelu is one of this beneficiaries, and this is part of the reason why when we talked to her, she insisted on wanting to be a social worker, then after that try to become a lawyer.

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