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Happy to be home – Salisu

I am going to the place I call home, and this place is more beautiful everyday

2 years back, Salisu’s family had no place to call home. They had been displaced amid a land row that saw them loose their home and forced into settlement camps not knowing what the future would bring them. They were among 17 families involved in the land saga in Mkwemo, which had been fraudulently snatched from them at the beginning of the pandemic.

Falling on Hard Times

Life was not easy for the family, especially given the restrictions and the danger that the pandemic brought along with it. The family relied mostly on food aid from well wishers at that time to keep some sanity, but this also became increasingly difficult. With the children not going in school and short of activities to do at home, Salisu begun venturing into strange territories to find things to keep him occupied.

Back to the Place we Know as Home

We met Salisu through one of his new teachers after he was enrolled in a new school when the terms had resumed. The teacher explained the background of the child which moved our team and we wanted to get involved. We were later introduce to Salisu’s father, who with 30 of the families that were displaced had filed a case with the court and were waiting for the third hearing to see what will happen to their land. We linked them up with lawyers experienced in land matters as well as a liaison at the lands office who guided them in the process to the end. The case was won and the land returned to the original owners who were glad to have returned to their homes. Salisu is now back to his old school, and we caught up with him when checking up on the families. The smile on his face and how he spoke of the feeling of being home warmed our hearts.


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