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Excited for the future – Maendeleo Group

Everything in life requires that hard perserverence, and after the storm, the sun shines with warmth.

The story of the Maendeleo Group is an inspiring on, a toil to the bone to ensure that a meal is set on the table for all their families. After being left with 2 children and no one to turn to, Risper begun working as a house help for the neighboring urban area. Each an every day walking and knocking on doors to ask for work in order to take care of her children.

Digging In

Some days were good, others were extremely bad, but she kept on going. With time, she met Mama Sharon on her rounds and they begun talking about the work at first. After realizing they both had a similar experience and after meeting similar people from their neighborhoods with the same issues, they resorted to band together in order to pool resources.

First Meeting with MIF.

They met our volunteer team on one of our food drives in their area and hit it off discussing various ways of improving their work life. At first, there was some uncertainty about the future, but things fell into place with time. We supported the group in legitimizing their business idea, registered them as a business and begun producing marketing material to share in the various estates with the details to contact the business for household chores and cleaning. They continue to ply their trade, and one of Risper’s children is in high school expecting to seat for her exams this coming year, thanks to the income her mother generates from the business which has taken her through school.

Help make a difference

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