Inspiring Impact Stories

You can start right now with the smallest step to ensure a brighter future for vulnerable children and youth.


Running towards home – Njeri

I am not made of stone, rather, I am a willing mind, ready to listen and think before I act.
Headshot of a young fashion model.

Excited for the future – Maendeleo Group

Everything in life requires that hard perserverence, and after the storm, the sun shines with warmth.
African Parents helping children with homework

Happy to be home – Salisu

I am going to the place I call home, and this place is more beautiful everyday
Portrait of an African ethnicity schoolgirl (age 13) in an educational environment in Bamako, Mali learning her lesson outdoors sitting on a desk and slightly smiling.

Learning new things – Adekelu

Access to education changes everything! Not just for the young child who has just discovered the fun of learning, but also for the elder, who prices the experience of having to learn something new.